Company values


Improving people’s health with total commitment to quality products at a convenient
working environment to be one of the most admired pharmaceutical companies of the


RAM Pharma is dedicated to the promotion of better healthcare through providing effective
Achieve Management excellence and total quality principles Ensure a complete customer
satisfaction throughout a professional sales and marketing team

Our Objective

Participating in the active role of man’s fight against disease and to help in improving the
quality of life of mankind where RAM Pharma products are selected according to the
actual needs, taking into consideration the following points:

  • To cover the market needs with products not completely covered by local manufacturers
  • Introducing new products to replace the imported ones.
  • Conserving the local capital.
  • The Creation of about 300 new job vacancies over the coming 5 years
  • Supporting the national complementary industries.
  • Real Exportation opportunities for high value pharmaceuticals