Manufacturing capability

  • RAM Pharma facilities and all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing conform to GMP and regulatory requirements at all times.
  • The Production Department is fully equipped with sophisticated equipments and strict control is enforced to ensure safety and efficacy of every one of its products produced.¬†All the equipments were validated, periodically calibrated and under taken preventive maintenance to maintain consistency of quality and productivity.
  • The management has, over the past few years embarked on an upgrading exercise, by investing in the purchasing of the latest state of machinery, in order to cope with the market requirement of our products and advancing technology requirement of the modern era.
Dosage Form Annum
Capsule 288,000,000 Cap
Dry Suspension 7,800,000 Bottle
Liquid Line ( Syrup&Susp. ) 5,400,000 Bottle
Tablet 1,400,000,000 Tab.