Manufacturing Marketing & Distribution service

Due to its marketing-oriented philosophy, RAM pharmaceutical enjoy’s a leading position in the market. A highly marketing sophisticated network ensures a strong company representation around the country. Business plan are carried out which are develop in accordance with corporate and market objectives. It has a well experienced marketing manager, product manager, and sales manager, product specialist, visiting hospitals, clinics and pharmacies nationally.
Among the various marketing activities, RAM Pharmaceutical organizes training Seminars & conferences concerning medical issues, new products development and sales techniques. Through these activates, RAM Pharmaceuticals has planned in develop a close rapport among the lead Physicians and Healthcare Providers to provide excellence in professional service.
RAM Pharmaceuticals offers expertise in quality contract manufacturing for local & overseas business partner. Contract Manufacturing proffers the opportunity for sponsor companies to focus on their core strength while leveraging our c-GMP facilities.
Continuing expansion and upgrading of plant has led to additional production capacity. To ensure maximum utilization, the export market is being explored and extensive success has been accomplished in this part as well.
Negotiations are on the move with many importers to give comprehensive identification to RAM PHARMACEUTICALS.